What is MegaNørd?

MegaNørd is the society for the creation of unforgettable digital experiences. As members of MegaNørd we create games and digital products that entertain and communicate. We also do work for museums, publishing houses, media companies, educational institutions and others who need entertaining and digital communication.



Vestergade 49E, 8000 Aarhus C, +45 27 59 60 13, kontakt@meganørd.dk


MegaNørd ensures that you never forget the experiences that teach you something. Those experiences are fun, scary, rousing, entertaining and surprising. But we believe that for experiences to truly be those things, they have to have a solid foundation in substantial knowledge. That’s why we insist on being entertaining and educational at the same time in order to optimize both. The two are predicated on and strengthen each other.


Vi går altid efter at ramme lige præcis i dette søde punkt, hvor vores tre udganspunkter smelter sammen perfekt afbalanceret.
We always aim to hit right into the sweet spot where our three goals meet in perfect balance.



MegaNørd has a strong basis in both technical and artistic fields, but the underlying academic background is in history. Thus we’re involved in a number of projects aimed at communicating history. However, we’re eager to work in other fields, showing the great respect and humility towards the experts and institutions we cooperate with. We also provide illustration work, programming, web programming, audio design, history talks, digital design, writing and education in product development.


The organized collective

MegaNørd is a society that forms the organizational basis for a developer collective with years of experiene working together. The society provides the opportunity to take on tasks collectively and draw on expertise of all members, while supplementing it with external partners when necessary.


The many years of cumulative experience of MegaNørd makes the collective an efficient and budget-friendly partner, unburdened by excessive overhead.


The individual tasks MegaNørd performs always have a single project manager attached who both organizes the work and maintains contact with the customer or partner. Therefore customers and partners will always experience the cooperation as transparent and efficient.


These are some of the partners MegaNørd and/or members of MegaNørd have cooperated with and in many cases still do: